The 2017 Worlds Germany, Bruhl

For this Worlds I ordered 36prs tires from Skinner, 4 bodies from Kehlo, 2sets Aluminium rear ends for Leopard Chassis from Peter, many armatures and lot of small parts from Stuart. I got all on time to build chassis and some bodies. My setups were reconditioned by myself and arms by Manni. Thanks to all suppliers.

My trip started early morning traveling by taxi to bus station, by bus to Vienna airport and from Vienna by plane to Cologne. Klaus pick up me by Golf FR (300PS) to the Club.

My first race on Wednesday was G27L with 44 entrans. I was racing realy good with prediction of 900 laps. Unfortunately some mistakes on white and small technical problems put me back. The total 872 was enough for 2nd. Place. My body was dotted Supra with very long rib, .004 sidedams, Micek 102mm steel chassis, Camen setup with Voki german magnets build myself, Koford .490 + 40deg arm, 43/11T gearing and Skinner BK .615 tires.

Next race on Thursday was G27 with 33 racers. Peter K. was unbeatable, but Ulli pushim him hard. I was happy with my 3rd. place. I made second podium in second race, not bad. My car: Red Fox Stingray body build by Kehlo, Koford 103mm chassis with Brad's aluminium rear end, Voki 18M setups and Koford .500 + 36deg arms, 43/11T gears, Skinner BK .615 tires.

After Friday's free day, which we spent working on cars, testing and testing and after dinner in the oldes brewery in Cologne, we continued on Saturday with OMO with 54 drivers. I qualified to the A main between big guys. My car was nice working till crashes. I hope to have clean race, but was not. Destroyed body didn't allow me to finish the race. I don't write my techs because you will laughting a lot...

On Sunday we had G7 race with 33 pilots. The first real move up race with qualifying, quarters, semis and the main. I did my personal best quali in Bruhl with 1,519 sec., move up throu quarter to semi B. The semi was the hardest race I remember. Started slower on low position, but on the end happy with move up the the Worlds G7 main final. Here I met very nice mix of international racers: Czech, Brazil, German, Slovakia, Sweden and USA. Very fast race won Peter K., Rebeca on second didn't conceal emotion also with Hannah, and me third on podium very very happy. Chubby pushed last heat very hard. Fortunately I stay 1 lap ahead. My car: Leopard 105mm chassis, Pantera 136/30 body build by Kehlo, 32M and 28M setups with Koford different sizes of armatures .485, .490 - 84,5-84; + 18-22deg. Skinner BK .615 tires. Thanks to Rob Garland for help in the final.

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Results from Bruhl

Photos from Bruhl by Marc Joyeux

Result and photos on Bruhl web

The 2014 Worlds Finland, Laihia

The work for my customers didn't allow me to prepare for this race :-)) I just had time to paint bodies and pack all to bag and box (26 + 10kg). Fortunately I clean and recondition my arms and setups after the ESROC race. The tires were done too. My flight to Laiha on Tuesday afternoon was fast and on Wednesday morning I could start to to work on the cars. I built two G27 bodies, setup of 3 G27L motors, grind the tires and we could go on.

The race with 16 drivers was good. I just broke axle and lost 30 laps. Finished on 6th. position. Fox Tail body 133/28, Koford chassis, B52 grey tires on .615 rims.

The result from G27 is 3rd. Place (14 drivers). My car was 2nd. slowest in the main. But I kept guid in the slot and turn laps. Fox Tail body 135/28, Leopard chassis, B52 grey tires on .615 rims.

OMO race with 33 racers - from quali I moved up to final B. Good group with good racers. No problems, just on the red lane my car was slow. I have to turn down my choke to 1 ft. The motor hold and on the next lanes green and blue it was fast again. I won the B group and only 2 drivers from group A were faster. Unlucky Peter Fr. left 1 lap behind me. It was my second 3rd. place. Koford Peugeot body 135/30 and Leopard chassis built by Peter Fr., B52 grey tires on .615 rims.

G7 race (19 drivers) - the same chassis and new body. 6th. in the quali, moved up 3rd. from semi B to the main final. I started on purple with 159 laps - not bad. It was very similar in following heats. Only problem was on green lane - i set harder tires. These didn't work well. I lost grip 3x under the bridge and lost 10-15 laps. To the blue lane i returned to the previous tires. I hope to catch Mikael, he run on red. But he was so good. I finished 1 lap behind. Anyway perfect for me - my third 3rd. place on these Champs. Koford Peugeot body 135/30 and Leopard chassis built by Peter Fr., B52 grey tires on .615 rims.

G27 podium G7 podium G7 podium trophy

G7 Final 2014 on YouTube

ESROC European Championship - Brhl, Germany - 2014

It was my aprox. 25 European Championships in the row. Again as usual no time to prepare. Fortunately the cars were ready from German Open 2013. I just build new bodies, reconditioned arms and setups and made new fresh tires (thanks to Jiri Micek). The ride was by car to Pilsen and with Zdenek to Brhl. We arrived on Wednesday evening and met all good friends and the club with good mood & food. Four days we spent with working on cars, testing, setuping motors and of course with racing.

The first was G27 L. Steel car with single mags and spray glue. I remind on early days of my wing cars racing and I had a pleasure to realy control the car without glue on the track.

Second was the G27, but my car was too slow and I have to think how to do it better next time.

OMO was my best race with only few crashes and no technical problems. I got to 3rd place.

Finaly the G7 race but without good results due to hi downforced body = low speed.

Thanks to Peter & Anete and complete club for nice racing weekend. See you in Laihia, Finland - ESROC Worlds.

ESROC European Championship - Pilsen , Czech Republic - 2013

G27 - Due to many work for customers my racing wasn't quite good. Not time to rebuild motors. I raced G27 with not opened motors from Laihia 2012. Of course I wasn't fast enough and finished 5th.

OMO - I crashed to somebody in first seconds of the race, bended axle and broken magnets. My car was before it fantastic, but I was happy to finish the race. And with broken magnet the speed in the last segment drop down.

G7 - 9th. in quali. Heats - I won my group. In semi on red under bridge & donut some flights out and some bended axles, broken gears and ripped tires... It wasn't enough to move up.

Anyway big success for Voki setups in G27 Quali - 2nd place for Hannah Frbel, OMO - top 4 places and G7 2nd. & 3rd.place. Congratulation to all winners, special to Rainer - OMO winner.


Rainer Borsutzki - winner of OMO G7 Podium OMO G7 All together
ESROC European Championship - Lahhia, Finland - 2012

I like to race in Finland because here I win! The new track is fast but the red and white lines in Ninety and Doughnut were "tricky". You have to have good handling car. The rest of the track needs fast car.

In G27 - my top class - it was not problem. I brought the car from Port Jeff Worlds 2010 and it was working well from the first lap. To improve I build one more longer chassis and one more longer body and tried these and combinations. The new chassis and new body was a little bit better. TQ with track record, easy move up throu quartes and semi and easy second place behind incredible fast Stefan Tornfeld made me happy. Unfortunately for Stefan some crashes in last heats cut him laps and put me in front for lucky win. This was my 4th. ESROC G27 win in Finland.

OMO race - many testing but without good working car. Disapointed I decided don't race and to use the time for preparing for the G7 race.

G7 - the same as in OMO testing and I came very close to the same decision. But in the very last minute came Heiko and he lent me Peters OMO 2nd. place car. This car was fantastic - no wonder for top OMO result. I made 2nd. place in qualifying behind happy Per Person. Move up from quarters, but unlucky crash on the straight with broken motor stoped my G7 session. That's all folks. Next race GO in December.

Krcil - winner of G27 light G27 G27

G7 Final on YouTube

Wing car Worlds - Pilsen Czech Republic - 2011

I wanted to race again the G27-L class. But the car I built wasn't good enough. Viper body was fast but hasn't good downforce. This resulted to bad laptimes. I finished 25th. from 34 drivers.

Also the G27 car was not good. Here the Supra body had too much grip and I can't come under 2.00 sec laptimes. I decide don't start in my favorite class G27.

Next race was OMO. The Supra body from tested G27 I put on open Hype 109 chassis and wondered how well it works. The sides were cut low (-6mm) but the downforce was unbelievable.

I made 10pl. in qualifying and started in group B from white. On start I scalped teeth on the gear. After change (34 laps behind the 1st.) it was really fast and nice driving. Just small problems on start of many heats by using new tires. Always took me few laps to race well. But then just controlling the motor and changing braid and tires. Unfortunately was not enough for podium. But I showed the potential and speed of the car and my motors. In last heats I run laps under 1,8 sec/lap. The brushes after the OMO race were very very short.

For the G7 I build exact the same body and used the same chassis from OMO. I qualified 4h. with 1,466 - my best time ever. In quarters moved up, but in semi on moving up position I had 2 very hard crashes in finger and my chassis was bent. In heat 7th. on purple my car was still working and I hoped for move up. But the last heat on black I saw after few laps the car is undrivable. I decide to retired from the race due I don't want to destroy other guys racing.